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Storm Water Project

For over 70 years, Marias River Electric Cooperative has invested the time, resources, and infrastructire needed to enhance the lives of the member residents of Shelby and Toole County. We are committed to providing the members of Marias River Electric with safe, reliable electricity at the lowest cost possible.

As most of you all know, the City of Shelby and it's elected officials are proposing a $7,695,316 storm water drainage system for the City of Shelby.

The cost to the residents/businesses of Shelby is estimated to be $6,376,000. 

So, for a typical homeowner with a single family residence metered, the initial cost will be $150.00/year. What you may not know is the financial impact to the businesses in Shelby.

Marias River Electric Cooperative will be assessed a fee of $19,443.29/year. That is $538,298,70. over 30 years. This assessment will need to be included in our overall operating expense and these costs will ultimately be passed on to you, the member owner.

The Price of all goods and services in the city of Shelby will increase and these increases will be passed on to you the consumer.

That is why the Board of Directors, management, and staff of Marias River Electric Cooperative are adamantly opposing this project as proposed and are asking the elected officials to be transparent in their decision for approving this project and provide documentation to support the need for this project.

On Monday, September 19th, 2016, the city of Shelby will hold a public hearing on establishing storm water drainage charge for customers of the Shelby Municipal Storm Water Drainage System. The meeting will begin at 7:30pm in the council chamber, Shelby City Hall, 112

1st Street South

Marias River Electric Cooperative is simply asking for your support in opposing this project as proposed and encouraging you to attend the meeting and voice your concerns.

Rural Montana Magazine

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Two New Scams Target Co-op Members -

"If someone called claiming to be from the co-op and said to meet them at the drugstore with cash to pay your electric bill, would you do it? Or what if the caller said you’re due a rebate from the statewide magazine? Would you believe it?..."

Read the rest of the article by Michael W. Kahn at>>

Phone Scam

Beware of scam phone calls demanding immediate payment of your electric bills.  Marias River Electric Cooperative is NOT associated with these phone calls and does not call asking for immediate payment over the phone or for credit card information.  Do not be a victim of this scam!!!  If you have questions, please call Marias River Electric at 434-5575

2016 Annual Meeting

Marias River Electric Board of Directors and staff would like to thank all of our member/owners who attended the 2016 annual meeting. We would also like to thank those members that took a moment to write a note of appreciation to the MRE lineman. 

MECA Conference Award

Marias River Electric was recently awarded for having nine years without an accident at the recent annual Montana Electric Cooperative Association conference! Way to go MRE!

Board of Trustees

Marias River Electric Cooperative, Inc. is governed by and elected Board of Trustees. Each of the nine Trustees are members of the cooperative and must reside in the district that they represent. Read more »

Friday, September 16, 2016

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